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Stop the Spread!
MA businesses, schools, universities, state government, municipalities, skilled-nursing and assisted living facilities – Request your COVID-19 testing and vaccination program.

1,800,000 +

Tests Performed

805,000 +

Vaccinations Given

3,000,000 +

Patients Served

2,500 +

Facilities Served

2,500 +

EMTs Trained

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Transformative Healthcare performs PCR tests via a painless anterior, short nasal swab.  PCR tests are considered the gold standard in diagnostic testing.

Mobile & Onsite End-to-end COVID-19 Solutions

A leader in mobile health and patient transport, Transformative Healthcare launched mobile & onsite COVID-19 testing and vaccine administration services in 2020 to serve major organizations. Having administered 1.2+ million tests and 773,000+ vaccines, we proudly support the risk management and return-to-work strategies of state government,  municipalities, skilled-nursing & assisted living facilities, private universities and colleges.


To schedule COVID-19 testing or vaccination programs
for your organization, please call (617) 600-3318.

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About Transformative Healthcare Transformative is an innovator in data-driven Emergency Medical Services, GPS-optimized inter-facility medical transportation, and Mobile Integrated Healthcare solutions throughout MA, NH, and ME.


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